24 – 26 SEP  |  QT GOLD COAST

Just a taste of this year’s sessions...

The Tools of Engagement - Panel

Chasing ridiculous levels of audience buy-in and participation... "The way the world works now, the way the rules of engagement operate, you can't claim to make sense out of the exterior without booking voyages into the interior. Think about it: How can you understand 'it' if you haven't made any effort to understand 'you'? …You're creating both of them, simultaneously. A lot like quantum physics." Seth Godin

Connecting a Next Generation Audience - Panel

How do Gen Y, Z, and Alpha consume media? What are they looking for? How do they compare to those before? How do they like to connect and engage? What does this mean for both programming and ministry engagement?

Unlocking & Brainstorming Promotional Success

"We’re giving away $25k in Grafton!" and other promotional wins from Christian Media. Nothing smells more like engagement than a massive giveaway! Right? ... Over the last few years, financial pressure has increased, and yet some are finding ways forward with relationship-building and key community partnerships. Let's brainstorm together, and learn from some of the most successful promotional teams in our sector.

'How Does Your Garden Grow?' Fundraising with Top Charity CEOs

"How does your garden grow?" Insights into the current fundraising landscape - roundtable with top charity CEOs in the hotseat: Clare Steele (Compassion Australia), Sharon Callister (Mission Australia), Stu Cameron (Wesley Mission), Melissa Lipset (Baptist World Aid) and Mike Gore (Charitbl). What can we learn from this cross-section of the NFP sector? Followed by a wrap-up from Mike Gore: "Where to from here?"

The Art of the Interview - Panel

“The best way to be boring is to leave nothing out.” – Voltaire. Join Petra Bagust, Suzie Holt, Clayton Bjelan and Danielle McAlpine Johnson for insights, war stories, and wisdom about The Art Of The Interview. After tens of thousands of hours of talking and listening, these four have made plenty of mistakes, and had at least a few wins, and they're happy to share it all. Come and be inspired with some of the titans of media.

Faith, Fear & The Future - Panel

Modern faith - where are we going, who/what are we listening to - and how can we be part of the conversation?

Guest Artists - Svrcina & Tarryn Stokes

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better – get ready for these two world-class voices to literally blow the roof off and open heaven.

And So Much More!

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